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Brief thoughts on LGBT

Personal opinion here.

President Obama has legalised same sex marriages across America today and it marks a global shift in societal thinking.  Personally I am not against LGBT couples but I am dismayed by this decision.  Especially to do that when the country is known to be a Christian nation. 

I am not against people who professes themselves to be gay or lesbian and I don’t judge them. There are valid reasons for who they are and no other human beings should condemn or even judge them. Only God have the right to judge. I am against those self-righteous people who take law into their own hands and oppress these people unfairly for no one have the rights to do that. There are so many accounts of gays or lesbians being oppressed because of their identity and some even committed suicide and it’s simply terrible. 

According to the Christian faith, we do not support same sex marriages because God has clearly said in the Bible that He is against it. God created man and woman for each other ( in a sexual way) and it is never meant to be any other way. And if somebody goes down the wrong path, we are to love the person unconditionally and gently guide the person back to the right path ( Galatians 6:1) This is our stance. Therefore I am personally appalled when self-righteous people take things into their own hands and make Christians out to be terrible people through their selfish acts. 

Loving a person does not mean agreeing with everything a person does. And so as much as I am okay with gays and lesbians, I am not okay with the idea. I just find it saddening to see that America will go down that path especially so because majority of the people there are Christians and the Bible clearly mentioned that God is against it. 

To be honest, I don’t know why God is against it other than it goes against the natural order of things but I believe God has a really good reason for that. I just sit back and observe the impacts it will have on America because this is the first time a country makes it legal and there will be new impacts whether good or bad we don’t know yet. Definitely there will be impacts on other countries as well as LGBT couples in other countries will demand for their rights as well. 

The issue of rights is really a sensitive topic. Everybody should get equal rights to areas like voting, education, healthcare and job opportunitie based merits. Yes I am for that too. Nobody should be denied those privileges because of their identity. It is very similar to the issue of feminism. 

It is fine for LGBT people to live their life quietly and be treated fairly, this is what we should be doing. But I feel that when it becomes legalised, it’s like telling the world that you can have a third alternative when it comes to having a identity. You can be a gay and it is a proper alternative in which I don’t believe that it is an proper alternative. It is like calling a grey area white when it is clearly grey. 

I believe that God did not create people to be like that since he is against it. Yes there is such a thing of having improper balance of hormones which causes a guy to behave more feminine and vice versa.  My own take on this is that some people choose to go to that category because they could not find their place anywhere else. For example: A girl liking other girl because they can get along really really well and somehow that affection is more than a friendship affection, near to romantic love and that girl also don’t like guys maybe because she can’t find the same level of affection in guys. And there is such thing as a lesbian category, therefore she calls herself that because she showed similar symptoms. If the lesbian category did not exist, would she call herself that? The sexual desire comes only after she realise that she is a lesbian, isn’t that more of putting on an identity which may not be true but because society has a group for it that is why she is led to think that way.

People usually like each other first based on common interests and personalities for majority of the cases. I won’t deny that there are people who really is already wired to be a gay or lesbian right from when they are born.  But how about the rest? Is it a choice because they have bad experiences from the opposite sex or is it a case of identity confusion whereby they group themselves into that category because they cannot find their place in anywhere else?  If it’s a bad experience, the person need healing from it and if it’s a case of identify confusion, the person needs guidance.

But then again, not many people will be forthcoming with their answers because these questions are too sensitive. I can only hope and pray that people will be more clear minded on who they truly are in this chaotic society where anything can change.  Don’t expect society to give you a clear answer on your identity because it never will. It only labels and messes your life up.


Fickle minded

I am back on WordPress again

Just last night, i combined 3 blogs into 1 onto blogger and then today i suddenly find WordPress more attractive. And so i am back here.

Oh but i just suddenly realized how am i going to blog from my phone if i want to? 

Okay enough is enough.

This coming week i will be mostly out, catching up and playing with friends. Looking forward to having an enjoyable time with them. 

I have decided to stop ranting and start posting more happy moments here. 

Reading through all my previous posts, i realized that i have lost the value of being contented and grateful. I have let bitterness and envy in instead and i became more lost and depressed. It is time to let loose of certain things, and let God come in. There are so many things i want to do, but if i depend on myself only, i will tire out sooner or later. 

God, i have enough of being a fool, let me come back to You again.



Freshly 17 and a new year begins,

Usually a new year comes with new resolutions and i have decided not to make any. Rather, i will live it one day at a time. I am 17 already but i feel so old. Its like as if i have seen through life when in fact i have not really seen it.

This is what happens when i get too caught up in the busyness of this life. It is good to be busy but when i start losing my sense of purpose, that is not good at all.

I become more short-tempered, cynical and just want to not do anything.

Purpose: To be a more loving and caring person, staying true to principles and to do everything to the best.

Last year was a year of exploration. New environment, friends and challenges. And that challenged me to broaden my horizions.

Sometimes i feel that i over think, to the point until i do not feel satisifed with my own life.

I cannot go past a day doing nothing or something meaningless.

And this thinking of mine at times led me to be cynical, especially when i feel that i am not doing something meaningful.

I set a high standard for myself. until i overthink.

I got to let go of some and be contented. For i am a human and not a superwoman.

The ironic thing is i set it but yet sometimes i do not work hard to acheive it.

Confusions within myself.

Deep down, i know i need quiet time with God. Knowing it and not doing it. I am not happy.


A long while

It has been a really long while since i last posted.

I got caught up with school stuff and entertainment. Despite all these stuff, i find myself needing time to space out and think deeply of the issues that i have always been thinking about.

Am i living a fulfilling life?

What is my purpose in life?

These two questions will guide me through the uncertainities of life. It might not feel right to pose it now but i feel that i need a long-term goal to reach for and aim towards.

Life is short, time is precious.

Right now i could say that i am not living a really fulfilling life. There are many things that i need to improve on. I want to work in a job that helps others to fulfill their potential. I love it when i see or hear a person achieving or living out his or her dreams . Because they found their purpose in life and they are happily contented. But i got to start with myself first. I got to be more optimistic.

I just took a personality test( i am always doing it because i cant be satisified with what im reading about myself) and i found one that really fits me.


The Perfect Melancholy is deeply thoughtful. They are the artists of the world as they are talented and creative, artistic, musical, philosophical, deep and thoughtful, analytical, appreciative of beauty, poetic and idealistic. They are sensitive to others, self-sacrificing and conscientious.  In work they are schedule oriented, perfectionists with high standards, detail conscious, persistent and thorough. They are organized, neat, tidy, and economical. They have the ability to see the problems and find creative solutions. The Perfect Melancholy makes friends cautiously and is content to stay in the background. They are faithful and devoted to their friends and will listen to complaints and solve problems as they have deep concern for other people. They are moved to tears with compassion and see the ideal mate.

Their weaknesses include a tendency toward depression and moodiness. They may have a low self-image, false humility, selective hearing and will remember the negatives. They may appear off in another world, too introspective, self-centered and enjoy being hurt. They tend to be hypochondriacs with an excess of guilt or a persecution complex.  They are not people oriented so at work they often prefer analysis to work. They become depressed over imperfections, choose difficult work, are hesitant to start projects, are hard to please, self-deprecating and have a deep need for approval. Socially they are insecure with a tendency to live through others. They are remote, withdrawn, critical of others, and suspicious. They may hold back affection, be antagonistic or vengeful and unforgiving.  They dislike those in opposition, are full of contradictions and skeptical of compliments.

Most of the description fits me and i now understand why i get sensitive so easily. This is one area i got to improve. Stop complaining!

I roughly know that my purpose in life is to help others, i do not like to work  with numbers. I need human contact and i need a goal that is meaningful. This is what i want to do in the future. Earn money but with a fulfilling purpose.

I have to focus on the present first. Get good grades and work up from there

And my eyes, they look onto you always

And I am captured by your majesty

All of my days i will sing of your goodness

All of my days i will sing of your praise

All of my days i will tell of your wondrous love

Your love in my life..Your Love…


Be it good times or bad times, God has always been by my side.

Thank God.  Let me get back to the heart of worship.


I have not really reflect deeply for a long time. And its really kind of scary with the absence of reflections especially for me.

Without reflections, i would not have realise if i became better or worse. I will unknowingly get caught in the things of this world and lose myself in it.

With the world getting more and more interconnected, accessability to any kind of information can be made within a matter of seconds. Without moral principles and values, one can get lost easily and just blindly follow without knowing the consequences.  

Nowadays there is no clear line between right and wrong. It seems that if there is a reasonable reason to a person commiting that crime shown in court, the punishment will be reduced.

For me, i thank God for the bible.

I had backslidden from him before and i experience misery without Him. For i had no contentment and nothing could satisfy me. But when i went back to Him, i realised that true happiness and contentment is found in Him.

Without Him, i think i would have been lost.


I thought that this blog will be left for dead ever since i started poly, but i could not bear to see it dead.

I like to see my own blog having lots of lots post, each post detailing a small portion of my life. And then when i look back at it in the future, i am able to see myself and learn from it.

Since April, i have been going to poly and attending my business course. Taking modules ranging from microeconomics, statistics, IT, princples of management, effective commns and accounting. I could not keep it up in the beginning as i am not used to their system of lectures and tutorials every week. I have to revise at home otherwise i would be left out. My first tests for all these modules came back with medicore results and i hope to improve it in the following tests.

Accounting: A

Effective commns: B

IT: C+


Microecons: C

I still am setting high expectations for  myself, so i am kind of disappointed with the Cs but i will put in more effort to improve in the next round.

Other than acadamic matters, i have made wonderful friends in my class as well. Being in a small group of 8(including me), made life more interesting as each of my friends have unqiue personality, which created hilarious  jokes. I find myself relaxing being with them and sometimes could even forget the tough situations that i am facing. I thank God for them.

I have to admit that during my time in poly, my personal time with God had abruptly stopped.

I knew that its not good, so i am trying to do it twice a week, at least, better than nothing.

Before the June 2 weeks break, i was given numerous group projects by various module teachers. As i know that one week would be spent in taiwan, i rushed to get started on my projects on the earlier one week. Its crazy and tiring for me. My projects presentations would be in 2 to 3 weeks time. So far, my group  projects are on the way to completion. All thanks to my group mates.

Half a year has gone in an blink of a eye. If i were to look back from Jan till now, all i could say is i am learning and adapting from new school to new friends.

How often do we focus on the things that really matter in the midst of busyness?

In this world, busyness is the norm. If you are not busy, you are considered ‘lazy’

For example, a student enjoying his holidays..and the father ask..

Don’t you have any tutorials or cca this week?

Don’t you have homework?

Why are you just lazing around watching television?

Must we actually be attending lots of school activities to be considered diligent?

Last Friday a powerful earthquake struck Japan..and triggered the tsunami

The tsunami practically swept away towns, cars and people.

It happened in the afternoon when most adults were working and most students were in schools studying

Adults working to earn money to support their families..

Students studying for a better future..

No one would have expected the disaster that struck next

They did not even have a chance to say some last words to their family..

Life is unpredictable..

And since that is so, we should be making time for our families and friends

For money can always be earned and education can always start later..

Let us not be complacent


I have not blogged for last month..

Let me just share with you what i have been up to..

I attempted to try working at swensons …my first time working in F & B

But i quit after 2 days..

Its my fault for giving up so easily and my impatience with people…and my habit of worrying excessively

But no matter what i will not go into that kind of business..

As i do not like working in shifts and having to work on weekends

In fact it only serves to tell me that i should work in

At least i got proper lunch and dinner and i do not have to work on weekends!

So for one month after that i stopped working..

I have no idea how it went..

But i know i am going brain dead..

And so last week i worked in a clearance sale with shimin..

She joined me for 3 my work in retail was not unbearable

Stand for 9 hours a day..1 hour of break in between..

It was tiring and boring..

But i met some nice people there…so it was not that bad

Actually after working a bit in F&B and retail..i appreciate the people working there more

Especially because i am not suited for it

Long hours of standing but have to put on a gracious front is not easy

Facing unpleasant customers but yet have to speak politely…

Bravo i must say

What’s up!

I am happily unemployed now….

I have no inking of my future plans for now..

I am just waiting for poly to start…

Old news but yea i am posted to Nanyang Poly business management course

I am contented with it…not too happy and not too sad..

Excited and Eager to make the best out of my 3 years there.

i Must think of something to do…for now till April

Should i work? Should i go and learn something?

I see how then

Lazy to post…

Till then bye